Monday, February 20, 2006

Consolidation - A great relief!

Jayachandra's Blog
Whenever there is news about "Consolidation to happen" in whatever domain, many related to that domain panic about what worst can happen to them. For example if a software firm in NA releases such a press note, many employees of that firm fear about their jobs. Yeah its true, some might loose their jobs, some might receive demotion, some might get unseasonal promotions too, expenditures on various activities dwindle or increase. It's really a painful transition BUT in the end, if properly done, it would be a worthy transition. A transition for the betterment of the firm. Those who retain their ties with the firm, find themselves in better responsibilities with added weight to their word. The firm would have more clarity towards its behaviour with its business associates and employees. And more than all, all the nonsense that might have happened before would be put behind and work kick-starts with fresh enthusiasm, fresh hopes, refined aspirations. Isn't that a good thing, that surely is at least as I see it. Having said that, why can't a person undergo such a consolidation for his/her ownself? I'd say it's only going to help him/her for the better. Being behind the drapes of knowing and not knowing, maturity and immaturity one might have superseded ones acceptable reach or intervention into specific actions. Similarly into some other actions one might not have shown needed reaction deeming yet again inappropriate to the expected behaviour. As a result things might have turned uneasy, less or barely comfortable and might even haunt you (in worst scenario). Consolidation is the mantra in such a trap. It involves cool mind thinking of whats acceptable and what's not. And putting in efforts or restricting efforts, as is the case, towards gaining that equilibrium. An equilibrium that your abilities and social conditions can manage. And manage without any tensions, just as if a tatched dinghy floats past a calm river at ease. In the process of such a consolidation, God will have His own miracles for your own benifit, believe me. You only need to start the process and patiently pursue it till its logical end. Consolidation gives that golden chance to build upon past experiences yet begin things afresh, be pragmatic in word and deed and more than all put the uneasy past behind ya and move forward more focussed and more successful.

Monday, February 13, 2006

What am I doing these days!

Jayachandra's Blog
Days haven't been so easy for me. My dear sis Neelu is pregnant and wishes that this time my dad and mom to be present by her side in U.S at the time of delivery and during the following convalescence period. My parents so far don't have their passports. It might sound strange, but they never faced a need for that so didn't bother 'bout them. Now the need arised and arised on such an urgent basis that we all are simple awaiting for the passports to fall in hand as much magically early as possible. The reason for the anxiety is that the visa appointment date booking needs a valid passport and the dates available have run into scarcity that at least a wait time of 130days is being observed at Chennai U.S consulate, darn laggard consulate services, darn population of India, darn me, darn everything.
Every possible date available is being picked away right in front of our eyes, but this f)*^ing RPO office studs wouldn't stick to their ETA of 45days to one month since the date of applying i.e Nov 11 2005. Said ETA margin elapsed long back, about a good one and half month but still my dad's passport is not delivered. DISGUSTING services by these lazy laggards in all the related offices.
That's enough of vengence spill out on the world, but honestly we are the ones to be blamed for not having got those books for the past 56 and or 50 years.
Now this urgency slowly was transfered to me and I was given the task to get the passports out. Since then I've been calling and running around every Tom dick and harry who has some connections with the passport office directly or remotely, begging and requesting them. My mom's got delivered on Feb 10th and still my dad's passport is awaiting in the pipeline.
Getting the passports out isn't just the story... following that is the giant task of booking an early appointment date. Here the wait times as predicted, are mockering like orks in the face. Today I roamed around the VFS-India local hyderabad office and got some doubts clarified. Those clarifications essentially meant that there is no other option than to try your luck with the wait time at Chennai Consulate office and Chennai Consulate office alone for this tourist visa of my parents. Looks like my parents can only attend the Baby Shower ceremony than the actual delivery. Huh, God only knows!
Tomorrow is going to be another hectic day in trying to get at least a first page xerox copy of my dad's passport amidst managing the work I was given at office. Let me hope sincerely that God is on my side throughout.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gmail begins to stink too

Hi long back when I blogged about Yahoo mail irks, I had someone replying me that don't go after google's gmail blindly, it would too begin to irk you. For which I said, no matter what's the name/brand unless their advertised service doesn't give me the expected result I'd criticize the product in open. And looks like gmail claimed its chance pretty quick. Today I've experienced the worst performance by gmail. Once in a while I earlier used to get "oops, the system couldn't fulfill your request. Retry again" kind of message. And even though I get it after a couple of seconds the system in back in form to serve the request, but today more than half a minute (30sec) I was just kept at bay by the gmail system. That's when I lost my last inch of patience and decided to blog this.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Attending cousin's engagement...

Jayachandra's Blog
Its Murali's (my cousin) engagement with Kalyani early in the Valentines Month. The function went well, except for the annoying delay by ladies in getting to the venue with the fruits and sweets. Early in the morning, I was asked to help with decorating the backdrop curtain and adjoining walls. And I did a decent job at it, if not great. The bride's father took care of everything the night before itself, so most of the program went smooth. Food was catered out. Btw, came to know many of my relatives are in interesting domains here in Hyderabad. I shared a light chat with many of them during the function. I was busy most of the time, but was enjoying it all fully.
There was something bizarre I noticed in relationships. A relative whom I call 'pedananna' is a 'tatayya' to another person who is at least 5 years elder to me. This might be b'coz I'm too young to be in the generation I am. Nevertheless, being young has a lot of advantage too :-). Everybody welcomed me into their discussion group without feeling reserved.
My mom came with a packed schedule. Following this engagement function she went to attend a marriage in Kukatpally and boarded bus back to Guntur dt. right from that marriage venue. Situation didn't permit her to come to my room this time.
The marriage was decided to be on 15th Feb at Guntur. Satyanarayana Vratham is on 17th at Siripuram. I was asked to be there a couple of days in advance. But currently here at work, our remote stake holder Michael Stricklen came to sit and work with the team. And manager requested everybody to be present at work during his stay, i.e. till 18th. Don't know how it is going to turn out... if I would get leave or not, and if I had to bear the wrath of my manager. If at least on 15th and 17th I get leave I would be content, even if that means coming back to work on 16th.