Thursday, September 29, 2005

PICNIC organizing

Long back when I was a child at school, I was amazed at the way our school annual day functions etc were conducted. Ever since I had this interest to poke my nose wherever there is some scope for organizing some event. But call it high entry barriers for organizing significant events at the school level, or tight schedule that I was put into, in my intermediate education by my rank savvy residential college... I couldn't organize significant event during those days. Slowly after I found myself in IIIT-Hyderabad, amidst several like minded, enthusiastic and talented *organizers* the repressed organizing interest popped out and just as a sophomore itself I was on sponsorship hunt for our first college culutural festival FELICITY. The interest sustained all the days I was at IIIT-H, but after being out of college into the industry I began to sense some lack of scope for organizing events. All these past 15 months it has been just surprize b'day celebrations or movie meet organizing only. Anything but not beyond the scale of 10 inidividuals. I should say the oppurtunity to conduct the OOCTO team picnic was just the kind of thing my coordinating skills are looking forward. The good part is, I had a nice co-operative team to work with, and more importantly a hassle free budget approval to go ahead with our planning. To talk of team, Abhilash needs special mention for
this decent piece of work he put up. I thought we were just capturing a video, but didn't expect it with such nice background music and all the editing. So far so good, and I'm just hoping that we make this event successful too.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Letter to God

I was just reading a forwarded mail which has several kids' letters to God. Now the kid in me, pondered out as to what I can write to God and the single question I now have is...
'Why does all the good things, if at all come to a pause, come so all at the same time?"
Its so sick for me today. I feel I have none around to share a lighter moment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Doing things differently

Poor Durga Prasad, my friend and office colleague and who resides just in the flat beneath mine has lost his ID card. Its actually misplaced, and a team mate sneaked to play a prank on him. While going home, he deposited the card with me asking me to give it to DP when I go home. I hinted DP that his card is not lost and is safe at one of the team member and he needn't panic. However, I didn't leak the name with whom it is, instead I asked another fellow team mate to mail him the following 3 hinting puzzles, whose answer words when arranged in a fashion would give him an idea as to who holds the card presently. It was fun designing the puzzle. Here I'd like to copy paste the mail sent a few hours back to his mail box

Solve the puzzle(s) to get hints for your id card.

Hint1: I as you call?
Hint2: arrange the letters to form a meaningful English word - S I E R D E
Hint3: if two freely falling bodies having masses m1=10.227kg and m2=4.773kg start in air simultaneously at 900m above the ground but with different initial velocities u1=2.36m/s and u2=2.18m/s. After t=6.684 seconds, m1 is ______ m2.

Arrange answers for the three hints to get a master hint, solving which you would get to know which person has your id card.

Your well wisher
Master hint should be
YOU RESIDE BELOW? which would hint that I have his ID card

There is a purpose for this blog, beyond sharing the experiment and that is... in case he couldn't solve the 3 puzzles I'll design another vague hinting to this blog (rather easy one this time).


Awaiting for ...

Time now: 10:00P.M
Waiting since: 8:00P.M
For what? : rain to subside so that I can go home.
prognosis: I might have to spend the night at office itself. Sounds cool to hear, but sucks to experience!