Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take aways from Amit's Talk on 15 years of IDC journey!

Yesterday we had the "15years of IDC" celebration interspersed with the half-yearly IDC All-Hands. Amit Chatterjee, head IDC, spoke well on all the great things this org achieved over the years and what it is poised to do next, amongst several other things.

As I ruminated over the entire journey that he narrated and how a few new hires then are now near-partners in the organization, some thoughts came by and I'm penning them down here. To make it big in career in this knowledge society the key ingredients or skills any organization or an individual need to possess are the following two items:

1) Thought leadership first
2) Followed by excellent execution capability.
It is only a minor aspect to have the ability to demonstrate on the fly, in front of large audience what you have built. Building something significant is the higher order bit in the first place.

Having been a seasoned Program Manager by now I know what it takes to do the later part i.e. Part (2), but when I think on what it takes to do Part (1) the following things flash by

Thought Leadership around your feature area can be practiced by
* Gaining a wholistic understanding of the environment that is around?
* Collating in a well structured and presentable format the knowledge for easy dissemination to your team and management
* Adding genuine thought process to extract new dimensions or see correlation between
dimensions and what additional relationships can be explored/extracted


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