Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update1: Let me regain my fitness!

It's been exactly a week and all I have to report out here is that there have been no cautious efforts thus far by me on regaining my fitness. But something I did of late, a visit to my hometown, may have did some magic. This past weekend when i visited my home town Siripuram, two of the three days there wasn't electricity in the morning and I flexed my muscles and fetched water for household use from the well. It used to be my favorite pastime back in the good old days where I maniacally fetched water from well, pitcher after pitcher to water a whole 1000sq.yard garden untill I dropped - exhausted. That madness sure did turn me tough, made my limbs strong and made me enjoy my stay at home during holidays besides giving me a sense of accomplishment every day.
Ok, nostalgia apart. Fact remains that's the only exercise i did cautiously in the past week and to reach my set goal, there is much to be done and that too on a regular basis. Let's see how the journey progresses!!!


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