Saturday, August 30, 2014

An utter flop for a deserving dud!

On the lookout for some fresh entertainment and in the hope of a possible come back of young tiger, I went with family to watch Rabhasa on the second day of its release. It's playing in Inorbit Cinemax and was a bit surprised to see someone shouting tickets for Rabhasa right at the ticket counter at the box-office. He was prepared to sell tickets at the face value itself, so was not showing any signs of guilt or stealthiness expected in a black tickets seller. His anxiety to sell them off is evident, but as a rightful punishment, barring only a few picks, still several of the show tickets remained unpicked from him (as is visible later after I entered the hall). Glad that some people atleast were saved from kicking themselves for having to bear 3hours of torture that too after buying tickets in black.

The movie clearly is an utterflop I must honestly admit. Like all other Jr. NTR flop movies have been, this could have been avoided if any one sane person reviewed it. Having observed 'Dammu', 'Shakthi' movies I now am beginning to settle for the conclusion that either NTR is too obedient an actor who leaves it to the director everything and only comes to watch the movie after it's released OR he is a super dud who doesn't have the minimum IQ yet after so many years of industry experience to assess when the film is overwhelmed with fights and when the story is rushing to conclude all open threads in just last 5minutes, that too in a crude form.

The director of Kandireega had a chance to make this blockbuster, if only he didn't fuck up his creativity in desperate attempts to suck up to the super human projection of Hero and hero alone. It would only be sad for many, to see NTR rating dip further to levels below or may be closeby to RamCharan sorts mediocrity. But then that's what is going to be reality when the closed doors self-touting blinds once eyes, ears and brains and sacrifices sensibility to script and creativity in return for fake and mad eulogizing of Hero's heroism.

But if this is all a planned attempt by NTR to log some losses for income tax saving purposes, then I'd say well played at the cost of audience affection towards him and his own ranking.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What next likely in AP politics!

If Congress ends up bifurcating the state exactly as per the CWC resolution, i.e., nothing special doled out to 'rest of AP' then Congress may just await TRS to come and merge in itself but will not do special efforts. If there are any changes (thanks to the ongoing agitations all around in Seemandhra, Hyderabad and even boldly at Delhi level) then pre-polls TRS will be cajoled to merge into Congress. As I analyze the ongoing simmer around the current incumbent CM. In a very disgraceful and brutual manner Kiran Kumar reddy will be ousted from the post which will be amply telecasted in media, post which Kiran will resign along with his faction of MLAs and some MPs to the Congress party itself. This he will do after the assembly gets dissolved and governor's rule gets imposed. October indeed can be the month that Governor rule comes in, or max max early November. State bifurcation will happen in the best possible appeasement allowable to Telangana while the state is under Governor's rule In rest of AP, Kiran and other pro-Samaikyandhra Congress vocalists will form a new party and contest in the elections trying to encash on the Congress hate vote. But the actual game plan behind that would be Congress high command's order to eat into the YSRCP and TDP vote bank as much as possible. Basically to let the anti TDP and anti YSRCP vote bank remain seperate, this new party will be formed. So end of 2014 polls, if YSRCP indeed sweeps Seemandhra then go pampering Jagan to support UPA in center, if not but if a near equal split across new party, YSRCP and TDP emerges, propose a merger of new party with YSRCP and together support UPA. Very slowly some day the new party will merge into Congress even in Seemandhra. The only twist in the game can be if TDP wins majority both in Telangana and Rest of AP. Or if the BJP bags a majority beyond question to form the government.

Localized tactics can only win a few battles, but at the expense of loosing the war!

Getting into power is pivotal for Congress in the center in 2014 general lok sabha elections, for these simple reasons - Sonia has aged out and the corruption asset base has piled so very high for the family that one term of Modi at the center can wipe it out besides stripping naked the respect for the 'Gandhi' family (I prefer to call it Nehru family) in the eyes of people. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is no match to Indira Gandhi to steer the party to power like in the 70s. At best he is figurehead who heavily relies on someone else to do the thinking for him. So that makes it nearly 2-3 terms being away from power and control which means a near wash out. So every region of the country matters. By hook or crook is the mantra that is being advised to the party men. Also play whichever game works in each region is turning out to be the war strategy. Since Indira Gandhi's era the party's strategies have gone from being virtuous to viscious and hence Congress has become the safe haven ground for 'loot and let loot' mindset. That worked in states like Andhra Pradesh where main opposition is more respectful and fearful of law and hence has lower funds to contest in the elections, but won't fly in a state like Uttar Pradesh. Neither would it fly if a sizeable opponent with same philosophy emerges as competitor, AP state itself being a case in point. In such cases, their hope is to use CBI as the lever to control or at least force a merger if not win majority seats by buying votes. In this world of interconnectedness and media exposure and judicial awareness it is a very risky strategy to follow to a point it becoming even a foolish and losing strategy. For instance, bifurcating Telangana out of AP without an assembly resolution but keeping aside the Uttar Pradesh whose assembly wished for a seperation may neutral out any gains and in fact keep the party at a loss of explanation of its acts thereby resulting in more lost votes and seats. You can seem to win a few individual battles with such local contextual tactics, but only to find that the war is lost. Just wait and see, if you don't believe in it!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My blog post with the GA tracking code embedded in it!

Today I've created a Google Analytics Account for my blog on blogspot. I got a tracking code which I decided to embed in this very post that I'm composing.

I've to see what the magic that Google is promising to be, and how useful is it for tracking a personal blog post. I know blogger gives some high level metrics about the blog post foot falls, but lets see what GA is going to add more insights about.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take aways from Amit's Talk on 15 years of IDC journey!

Yesterday we had the "15years of IDC" celebration interspersed with the half-yearly IDC All-Hands. Amit Chatterjee, head IDC, spoke well on all the great things this org achieved over the years and what it is poised to do next, amongst several other things.

As I ruminated over the entire journey that he narrated and how a few new hires then are now near-partners in the organization, some thoughts came by and I'm penning them down here. To make it big in career in this knowledge society the key ingredients or skills any organization or an individual need to possess are the following two items:

1) Thought leadership first
2) Followed by excellent execution capability.
It is only a minor aspect to have the ability to demonstrate on the fly, in front of large audience what you have built. Building something significant is the higher order bit in the first place.

Having been a seasoned Program Manager by now I know what it takes to do the later part i.e. Part (2), but when I think on what it takes to do Part (1) the following things flash by

Thought Leadership around your feature area can be practiced by
* Gaining a wholistic understanding of the environment that is around?
* Collating in a well structured and presentable format the knowledge for easy dissemination to your team and management
* Adding genuine thought process to extract new dimensions or see correlation between
dimensions and what additional relationships can be explored/extracted

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A sweet little welcome to 2013 by Sahasra!

Of all the New Year arrivals, this one is special in a unique way. Because my 3month old daughter Sahasra welcomed it on behalf of our entire family this time by cutting the cake.

As the first thing when clock struck 00:00AM on 1/1/2013 me and Deepthi wished one another and the next moment sprung to wish the one and only "Sahasra" darling even though she is fast asleep. She was sleeping without giving a damn for the mad cries of street bikers and bursting cracker sounds just outside the apartment.

After feasting a little on that special 'Rosted Almond' ice cream bought for this special occassion and replying back to few phone calls and SMS's, me and Deepthi decided to go on a drive and be part of the ecstasy happening around. We took a smooth ride all around the KBR Park and then moved on around the Durgam Cheruvu lake, Mind Space junction, Biodiversity park, Telecom nagar roads and then returned back to Surya Boulevard. Little one was all the while sound asleep causing no trouble to her grandmother whom we asked to keep a watch on.

After a good night sleep, I hit the road for a cycling trip in the morning greetign folks over phone along the ride. As I returned home, bathed, readied and well dressed cute little Sahasra was awaiting me. She waited till everyone had their bath including me and then set out to cut the cake that Kapil brought the night before. Most surprisingly she patiently posed for a good photo shoot in Deepthi's camera this time.

Post this event, I spoke to Neelima to wish her New Year wishes and invited her, Vasu, Geetanjali and Shivani over for dinner to Surya Boulevard. After a decent siesta, I went and fetched my grandmother from SVE Nest and then got some Mutton Biryani and Chicken 65 for the feast to be, not to mention the already purchased 'Sitaphal' flaovoured icecream. Neelima-Vasu and their kids arrived at 8:45PM and spent time most of the time with Sahasra and a little bit time on dinner until it turned 11:00PM. As they left to Prakash Nagar, I took grandmother and returned to SVE Nest and hit bed after noting the day events in my new 'Annadata' diary in Telugu.

Thus ended our sweet little welcome celebration of New Year 2013.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update1: Let me regain my fitness!

It's been exactly a week and all I have to report out here is that there have been no cautious efforts thus far by me on regaining my fitness. But something I did of late, a visit to my hometown, may have did some magic. This past weekend when i visited my home town Siripuram, two of the three days there wasn't electricity in the morning and I flexed my muscles and fetched water for household use from the well. It used to be my favorite pastime back in the good old days where I maniacally fetched water from well, pitcher after pitcher to water a whole 1000sq.yard garden untill I dropped - exhausted. That madness sure did turn me tough, made my limbs strong and made me enjoy my stay at home during holidays besides giving me a sense of accomplishment every day.
Ok, nostalgia apart. Fact remains that's the only exercise i did cautiously in the past week and to reach my set goal, there is much to be done and that too on a regular basis. Let's see how the journey progresses!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let me regain my fitness!


It’s the same me who wrote the post on Tame Your Ego! . When I wrote it sounded so true, and every other time I go read it also it continues to appear so much true. The missing aspect being - am I really making use of my life discoveries well to my advantage? Inspired by that thought, I decided to tame my ego towards achieving one goal which, of late is eternally evading me – “regaining my fitness”. I’ve grown overweight and much more sedentary and inert over the past several months, blame it on company (people around me most of the time and environment), lack of assertiveness in what my routine ought to be, waking up late, diminishing will power, slow swamp into the quicksand of ‘well-earned’ comfort (as amateurs around phrased it and preached) or anything else. Whatever be the reason none other than me to blame for the fate I entered into – because in the end it’s me who am suffering with fatigue for even a small amount of physical stretch, it’s me who is becoming wasted-out, it’s my capacity to conquer that is dwindling.


I decided that I will now set a goal for myself and then make it public too. I will get back to form in the coming 4-5 months. Measures of success being to get down by 10kgs in weight by shedding out fat yet building muscle. Becoming Mr. Body Builder definitely is not the goal measure, am making that too clear now itself J



Can anyone post into my blog from any email address?

Here I am trying to send a post to a blogger given email ID from a unrelated email address and if this succeeds to appear as a post on my blog, then I'd be not awed but SHOCKED. Because it's a damn privacy/security concern indeed. Now anyone can come and post anything if they just knew my blogger given email ID (which ofcourse it allowed me to change, but that definitely is not adequate protection by any means).

Test Post published by email

Hi there

Am trying for the first time publishing a blog post by compiling it in outlook and sending it to my blogger given email ID. I set my most-oft used email address from where I wish to send my posts by email in the BlogSendAddress field on the Blogger dashboard settings page. And from that address I composed this mail (or Post) and hit send.


And it…