Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Localized tactics can only win a few battles, but at the expense of loosing the war!

Getting into power is pivotal for Congress in the center in 2014 general lok sabha elections, for these simple reasons - Sonia has aged out and the corruption asset base has piled so very high for the family that one term of Modi at the center can wipe it out besides stripping naked the respect for the 'Gandhi' family (I prefer to call it Nehru family) in the eyes of people. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is no match to Indira Gandhi to steer the party to power like in the 70s. At best he is figurehead who heavily relies on someone else to do the thinking for him. So that makes it nearly 2-3 terms being away from power and control which means a near wash out. So every region of the country matters. By hook or crook is the mantra that is being advised to the party men. Also play whichever game works in each region is turning out to be the war strategy. Since Indira Gandhi's era the party's strategies have gone from being virtuous to viscious and hence Congress has become the safe haven ground for 'loot and let loot' mindset. That worked in states like Andhra Pradesh where main opposition is more respectful and fearful of law and hence has lower funds to contest in the elections, but won't fly in a state like Uttar Pradesh. Neither would it fly if a sizeable opponent with same philosophy emerges as competitor, AP state itself being a case in point. In such cases, their hope is to use CBI as the lever to control or at least force a merger if not win majority seats by buying votes. In this world of interconnectedness and media exposure and judicial awareness it is a very risky strategy to follow to a point it becoming even a foolish and losing strategy. For instance, bifurcating Telangana out of AP without an assembly resolution but keeping aside the Uttar Pradesh whose assembly wished for a seperation may neutral out any gains and in fact keep the party at a loss of explanation of its acts thereby resulting in more lost votes and seats. You can seem to win a few individual battles with such local contextual tactics, but only to find that the war is lost. Just wait and see, if you don't believe in it!


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