Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A sweet little welcome to 2013 by Sahasra!

Of all the New Year arrivals, this one is special in a unique way. Because my 3month old daughter Sahasra welcomed it on behalf of our entire family this time by cutting the cake.

As the first thing when clock struck 00:00AM on 1/1/2013 me and Deepthi wished one another and the next moment sprung to wish the one and only "Sahasra" darling even though she is fast asleep. She was sleeping without giving a damn for the mad cries of street bikers and bursting cracker sounds just outside the apartment.

After feasting a little on that special 'Rosted Almond' ice cream bought for this special occassion and replying back to few phone calls and SMS's, me and Deepthi decided to go on a drive and be part of the ecstasy happening around. We took a smooth ride all around the KBR Park and then moved on around the Durgam Cheruvu lake, Mind Space junction, Biodiversity park, Telecom nagar roads and then returned back to Surya Boulevard. Little one was all the while sound asleep causing no trouble to her grandmother whom we asked to keep a watch on.

After a good night sleep, I hit the road for a cycling trip in the morning greetign folks over phone along the ride. As I returned home, bathed, readied and well dressed cute little Sahasra was awaiting me. She waited till everyone had their bath including me and then set out to cut the cake that Kapil brought the night before. Most surprisingly she patiently posed for a good photo shoot in Deepthi's camera this time.

Post this event, I spoke to Neelima to wish her New Year wishes and invited her, Vasu, Geetanjali and Shivani over for dinner to Surya Boulevard. After a decent siesta, I went and fetched my grandmother from SVE Nest and then got some Mutton Biryani and Chicken 65 for the feast to be, not to mention the already purchased 'Sitaphal' flaovoured icecream. Neelima-Vasu and their kids arrived at 8:45PM and spent time most of the time with Sahasra and a little bit time on dinner until it turned 11:00PM. As they left to Prakash Nagar, I took grandmother and returned to SVE Nest and hit bed after noting the day events in my new 'Annadata' diary in Telugu.

Thus ended our sweet little welcome celebration of New Year 2013.


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