Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tame your Ego!

Ego can be best described as hyper active intertia. Inert because when you let it dictate terms it cajoles your vitalities until they degenerate and in the process you in the external world (real world beyond your own self) would be almost stamped to be a worthless yet always self-defending piece of crap. On the otherhand the same ego can churn up your vitalities to suh levels that are abnormal and makes you stretch yourself so much more to prove a point. It is this dogged spirit and power that ego has which made me qualify it as 'hyper active', because it makes one act and raise upto a challenge, however tough may that be.

When you are withholding a public discolosure of a tough goal your ego is masking more onto its inert side. Excuses like - "It's not that the goal is tough to accomplish, just that I didn't have it as my goal" become the fate of the day eventually. But the same goal if made public can trigger a chain reaction where now that you set a benchmark for your capbilities, you can't slip behind. The afore-mentioned active side begins to unfold therefore. The category of successful and truly virtuous individuals are those who tamed their ego the later way (either wantedly or as a consequence of situation) and thus ended up in enhanced performance.

The saddest category of all is they who announce their goals publicly in the hope to trigger active side of ego, but ssuccumb soon after to the inert ego and hence fail to "strive for in earnest". Not only do they fail in accomplishing their goal but also come across as non-virtuous personalities jeopardizing their credibility. The only rescure in such situation is your conscience for, your conscience alone is the divine element that can stand against the satanic inert ego. Ever since you set out on a goal (which begins the moment a goal is conceived) at frequent intervals (could be monthly, daily or even hourly depending upon the goal efforts gestation period) list down your efforts towards the goal's accomplishment. Read them to yourself and let your conscience pose some simple yet real tough questions uptill a point where your inert ego
surrenders. That way by being tough to the inert ego you can evoke more vitality from within and achieve phenomenal performance in all walks of life and be successful and happy (to your conscience) always. As I say, being happy to your conscience is the purest form of happiness.

God bless you!


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