Friday, November 27, 2009

One FunDay this Friday, the 27th of Novemeber 2009!

Before the habit of blogging degenerates in me I better re-kindle it. Let me pen down atleast a chronology of events that I did today as a starting bet.

Today I got to participate in the first group outing at Microsoft after I joined the organization. It was a great day out there at Runway 9. Moved to campus in my car, to find an email that said that buses are ready. So hurriedly rushed from my desk to the bus bay to realize that we follow Indian timings in Hyderabad. Well, no disrespect to the organizers, I fully understand how such morale events begin in a lazy fashion. With about 40mins delay than the scheduled time we set off to the venue, in the mid-way picking up folks who were waiting on the bus route. Reached the place, had a welcome juice and went on an indoor gaming spree for a while until its lunch time. It was a decent lunch with two N-V dishes (just that no fry item :( ) and an ice-cream+jamun dessert. Post lunch it's the all-hands time, with Nagesh creatively engaging the crowd in a useful-to-leadership-yet-activity-filled event. It was 3.15p.m by then and the long wait to go do a ride on the motor karts ended. Karting was on and me with the additional coupon that Dhana lended me was ready to do double the sanctioned lapses (12 in place of 6). After a bit of painful wait in the red hot sun, my turn came and I thoroughly participated in the race, punching up my andrenaline all through out the 12 lapses. Then briefly spent playing air hockey before go grabbing few bajjis and juices as snacks. Post snacks it's one half hour of quality fun in a game of Laser Combat before it was time to hit back to campus. All in all, quality funday this Friday has been. Thank God I attended and recharged myself and poor all who had the opportunity to attend but decided to stay back and laze at homes!