Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update1: Let me regain my fitness!

It's been exactly a week and all I have to report out here is that there have been no cautious efforts thus far by me on regaining my fitness. But something I did of late, a visit to my hometown, may have did some magic. This past weekend when i visited my home town Siripuram, two of the three days there wasn't electricity in the morning and I flexed my muscles and fetched water for household use from the well. It used to be my favorite pastime back in the good old days where I maniacally fetched water from well, pitcher after pitcher to water a whole 1000sq.yard garden untill I dropped - exhausted. That madness sure did turn me tough, made my limbs strong and made me enjoy my stay at home during holidays besides giving me a sense of accomplishment every day.
Ok, nostalgia apart. Fact remains that's the only exercise i did cautiously in the past week and to reach my set goal, there is much to be done and that too on a regular basis. Let's see how the journey progresses!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let me regain my fitness!


It’s the same me who wrote the post on Tame Your Ego! . When I wrote it sounded so true, and every other time I go read it also it continues to appear so much true. The missing aspect being - am I really making use of my life discoveries well to my advantage? Inspired by that thought, I decided to tame my ego towards achieving one goal which, of late is eternally evading me – “regaining my fitness”. I’ve grown overweight and much more sedentary and inert over the past several months, blame it on company (people around me most of the time and environment), lack of assertiveness in what my routine ought to be, waking up late, diminishing will power, slow swamp into the quicksand of ‘well-earned’ comfort (as amateurs around phrased it and preached) or anything else. Whatever be the reason none other than me to blame for the fate I entered into – because in the end it’s me who am suffering with fatigue for even a small amount of physical stretch, it’s me who is becoming wasted-out, it’s my capacity to conquer that is dwindling.


I decided that I will now set a goal for myself and then make it public too. I will get back to form in the coming 4-5 months. Measures of success being to get down by 10kgs in weight by shedding out fat yet building muscle. Becoming Mr. Body Builder definitely is not the goal measure, am making that too clear now itself J



Can anyone post into my blog from any email address?

Here I am trying to send a post to a blogger given email ID from a unrelated email address and if this succeeds to appear as a post on my blog, then I'd be not awed but SHOCKED. Because it's a damn privacy/security concern indeed. Now anyone can come and post anything if they just knew my blogger given email ID (which ofcourse it allowed me to change, but that definitely is not adequate protection by any means).

Test Post published by email

Hi there

Am trying for the first time publishing a blog post by compiling it in outlook and sending it to my blogger given email ID. I set my most-oft used email address from where I wish to send my posts by email in the BlogSendAddress field on the Blogger dashboard settings page. And from that address I composed this mail (or Post) and hit send.


And it…

Test Post published by email

Hi there

Am trying for the first time by publishing a blog post by compiling it in outlook and sending it to my blogger given email ID. And it…