Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Am back after a long hiatus!

Finally after a long fight with the TataIndicom ppl I had internet connection to my
PC. Ever since I resigned my job, I dreamt of having internet connection to my home PC. I
had plans, as I always do, to do LOT many things - registering a domain, hosting my own
website, working from home, contributing to the open source organizations, regularly
updating my blog, being in constant touch with my network contacts not to mention the
trivial things of checking mail at will and browsing net for some feed on what's happening
around in the world. But given the seriousness I attributed (read, 'seriousness I was
supposed to attribute') to my CAT preparation, I couldn't get my PC fixed let alone getting
it hooked to net. Somehow my dad felt that I can make a better use of my PC than letting it
lie dead in that corner. And thanks to the way he constantly keeps me reminding of what I
should be doing, and one good quality I have in me that I don't want to disobey him, I
finally got the PC repaired. And later slowly applied for a phone connection with an
internet use plan, and even more slowly succeeded in getting the all things to fall in place
and start functioning. Now that the environment is set, it's time to keep executing the
plans, at least those that are feasible enough. Mail check happened as the first thing to check if internet is working and since
then it is happening every couple of hours subconsciously. However as part of conscious
efforts I've started reading from internet things useful for my GD/PI exercise of IIM
selections. And I felt that I still have some more time at my disposal and hence I took up
this blog revival activity now. If the motivation levels don't deteriorate drastically, i
think I'd be updating my blog enough frequently.