Sunday, March 14, 2010

A significant factor behind my success this past one year!

A reel through what all I accomplished post marriage tell me that it was in-fact sizeable, like any other 1 year period in my life earlier. However there was a noticeable difference, the magnitude here was truly a notch more than what it otherwise would be. The differenc element being marriage. I got married in between my studies, so only from past one year could i call myself really a married man. Even after that I was continuously on a trot, be it at a strenuous trot job at T.I.M.E. or on an never ending 'loaded ramp-up' phase that put me through most of my late night hours at office. The jobs were tough but I was fulfilling them at a pace that I couldn't possible reach even at my greatest stretch fete. That missing lapse is when I relook back coming from the stretch of my love of life. She is a vital force to keep me focussed on things, give constructive feedback on what befits me and what doesn't it. I think that she is complementing me in my growth and I hope that I was true. But a reel back on how much time I spent at home leading quality personal life reveals that may be somewhere the balance is lacking justice, blame pointing towards me. It's really into a soup of things that I dragged myself into not knowing that deeper I dive, deeper would I be asked to dive again and again. But the change should start for the my good, oops good of us both. And I wish starting tomorrow a new definition of panache at work drapes off on me where more balance in personal and professional life would be aimed at. Dear, let me tell once again, if you drop by at this post, that this coming spec review success would be dedicated to you, because you made me accomplish that.