Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What next likely in AP politics!

If Congress ends up bifurcating the state exactly as per the CWC resolution, i.e., nothing special doled out to 'rest of AP' then Congress may just await TRS to come and merge in itself but will not do special efforts. If there are any changes (thanks to the ongoing agitations all around in Seemandhra, Hyderabad and even boldly at Delhi level) then pre-polls TRS will be cajoled to merge into Congress. As I analyze the ongoing simmer around the current incumbent CM. In a very disgraceful and brutual manner Kiran Kumar reddy will be ousted from the post which will be amply telecasted in media, post which Kiran will resign along with his faction of MLAs and some MPs to the Congress party itself. This he will do after the assembly gets dissolved and governor's rule gets imposed. October indeed can be the month that Governor rule comes in, or max max early November. State bifurcation will happen in the best possible appeasement allowable to Telangana while the state is under Governor's rule In rest of AP, Kiran and other pro-Samaikyandhra Congress vocalists will form a new party and contest in the elections trying to encash on the Congress hate vote. But the actual game plan behind that would be Congress high command's order to eat into the YSRCP and TDP vote bank as much as possible. Basically to let the anti TDP and anti YSRCP vote bank remain seperate, this new party will be formed. So end of 2014 polls, if YSRCP indeed sweeps Seemandhra then go pampering Jagan to support UPA in center, if not but if a near equal split across new party, YSRCP and TDP emerges, propose a merger of new party with YSRCP and together support UPA. Very slowly some day the new party will merge into Congress even in Seemandhra. The only twist in the game can be if TDP wins majority both in Telangana and Rest of AP. Or if the BJP bags a majority beyond question to form the government.


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