Monday, January 23, 2006

Easy game tha...

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That was IPS manager Soumitra Das with whom I was competing yesterday in the knock-out OOCTO_IPS TT championship. The preliminary warm-up toss clearly revealed that Mr.Das is far far naive at TT than me. It was his first game, while I was playing my third game at the TT table (amn't I better?!?). The first set too made the fact clear and I won it with ease. In the second set too I was making reels when I got this thought - "because this is a tournament match, people are allowing us to play however new we are to the game, otherwise we surely wouldn't have chance here. Why not extend this chance and play for full three sets". I implemented the same and played a reluctant game to draw the score at 1-1. The third match dawned and I did gain a five point margin to be on the safer side. But then from a point where I was leading at 15-10 score, I began to make serious flaws and my mistakes seemed to boost the opponents score. At 19-19 I once again did a series of flaws and lost the match. That's when I felt... "Arey yaar! easy game ''tha''..." :-)

Nevertheless, here is what I gained though I lost the game - "Never let loose the chance at hand how much ever confident you are that you can catch the other thats awaiting"


Monday, January 16, 2006

Stay away... stay secure from traps

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Its high time I realize where I'm heading to. My mom's concern though put in soft words made much impact on me. I'm enjoying freedom being alone for myself here in Hyderabad, but that's slowly turning out to be a vicious snake that can engulf me and my career. Too many people trying to lure me without my knowing it, targetting on my sentiments and weaknesses. I've fallen prey so far but I'll not continue that anymore. I've done enough, and I need more discipline (if I can call that). I need some monitoring, some real monitoring. In phones I'm likely to fake my presence. I can still say to my parents that I'm at home, though I'm eating lunch at a friends' place. Doing that would only mean I'm ruining my image becoming a liar. My conscience would haunt me to hell. I can't afford all that. So I don't even want to let such situation arise. And the best way to do that is avoid my presence in city on weekends. Here onwards unless there is some real need for me to be in Hyderabad, I'd not be in this place on weekends. All my weekends I'll go to Siripuram. I don't mind the cost and physical strain involved in it, but that can save me from my conscience and enable me to lead a PURE life. Also that can help me realize my true and only goal for this year - CAT.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Why do I prefer mail(s) over phonecall(s)?

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Phone enables us to have more *direct* communication and thats a very good thing. But for
those whom we regularly call (i'm talking of personal calls only here that too which have 1 per day frequency) I prefer emails because...

-> Since the frequency is too high (almost daily) there won't be fresh content everyday to talk about. And 'coz of that all that is to be communicated gets communicated in less than a minute, and there arises an impasse situation where hanging up the phone immediately makes it look like more a business call sort of it than a personal call and holding up the phone looks ridiculous without having anything to talk about.

-> By any communication in the end one tries to express his intentions. Over a phone, there is less scope to choose the jargon, less scope to be more creative in expressing the content. Whereas in email one can take the time one needs and best describe the matter at hand, however trivial it could be.

-> An email remains in inbox for revisiting, but a phonecall is not that persistent.

-> An email will never disturb as the phone does, in case the intended recipient is busy with work or in a meeting.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Guilty Feeling...

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Its 10:10pm now and I sit here in a state of deep mental agony. A feeling of guilty. The week before last I borrowed camcorder from my best buddy Bindu, hoping I'd do miraculous documentary movies. (I should have looked my face in a mirror when I got that idea, damn me!). Without a second word she got the camcorder and very carefully handed it over to me. I've kept it with me, but didn't do anything productive with it (to do anything God damn sucker that I am, should know how to operate it in the first place). I left home last friday for New year and didn't return the camcorder to Bindu. She sure would have put it to use on the New Year Eve had I deposited it back with her before I left home. New Year eve passed by, and its 6th of January today. Blame it on my shamelessness that I didn't return it back to her till she called me today evening to ask if she could get her camcorder back for an event thats due tomorrow. I said I'd be at her office in 10mins when the time in my machine showed 8:30p.m but I after the said 10mins I just started from my office. She did call me to say her cab arrived and as if its my car that I sent to pick her up, I told her to keep the cab on hold for 2mins so that I can come and return her camcorder. I reached mindspace later after some 5-6mins but why would the cab would give a darn to a senseless shitty piece of earthily matter whose name is Jayachandra. By the time I reached her office, the cab probably left. Cursing myself that I might have missed her, I vainly tried her office number (she doesn't have a mobile number these days). Tried it so many times that the last iota of charge with which my stupid mobile handset is surviving also ran out. After waiting outside the gate watching every cab that passed past me to find Bindu in it, I headed back to my office at around 9:30pm. If for just that 15-20mins I waited to locate Bindu in front of her office I became so uneasy then I began to think how much might I have irritated her for about half an hour before 9pm after promising that I'd be present there and not being there in time.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 - A Humble Start!

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This New Year's midnight moment passed plainly amidst a few dear ones telephonic wishes and a comedy movie in DVD player at elder sister's place. The January 1st 2006 evening was spent equally simple despite the Tirunala hadavudi at Siripuram. Met relatives, shared a few words, heard agonies of some, relaxed that God spared us from some of them (not all). Tried to bring as much cheer as I could into some faces these two days. But in the end if I should summarize my visit - it was more sobre in the sense it did inform me of my responsibilities yet again, but this time the responsibility is not of taking up serious duties but that of a simple job of bringing more cheer into dear ones faces. I should thank 2005 profusely because before it passed by, it instilled in me so much self-confidence that I could get into any domain, needn't just be software. And that I needn't fear of an oppurtunity loss. That apart, for the fresh year I thought I should have some resolution and after cerebrating for a while I decided that - 'I would direct my energies into specific focussed objectives than putting too many things on the agenda'. This resolution implicitly says that 2006 in my life sees less inclination to out of focus programs. The post can't be complete unless I unravel what is that 'THE FOCUS', it is... getting admitted into IIMA. Everything else is next to it.