Monday, February 19, 2007

Admiration commands reciprocation

When one person admires another person, there clearly come into picture two parties. Both of
them similarly made of flesh and blood, and with independent rational minds. For whatever
reason when one person admires the other and does so continuously he/she begins to
anticipate reciprocation from the other person. And if such reciprocation doesn't happen in
a reasonable duration, with very high probability the admirer begins to feel sick of what he
is doing. Long learnt philosophies like admiration is all-giving and never seeking anything
in return do come to some rescue, but only for a short span of time. If the reciprocation
doesn't come even then, such philosophical bindings too would wither apart. Critical and to
some extent cynical thoughts like questions of being ignored, being treated as inferior come
to occupy the mind naturally. After all, none in this present day world fancies being
subdued by others, how much ever near and dear they may be. As a consequence levels of
admiration drop, the specialness associated dwindles and emotions subside to the normal
levels when admirer knew the admired only as yet another fellow human being. If the admiration itself is quite obvious and trivial, then of course its foolish to reciprocate; Aish can't reply back all her fans' letters. But if it appears special and worthy, watch out all you people being admired, before your admirer begins to put his/her grey cells to work.

Debut flight journey

Feb 12, 2007 marked my flight debut journey. It took me two bitter experiences to inculcate the needed time-sense to catch a flight. My earlier attempts to board a flight once to Vijayawada, and the other to Tirupati failed for I couldn't reach the airport before the no-show threshold time. Such a tough skin that I am, may be I then thought I could board a flight just as if I could board a moving bus or moving train. Anyway, past is past, no regrets. Let me get down to narrate my first flight experience.
* * *
Flight slowly positioned itself at one end of the run-way. As the turbines rotated at an increasing speed, the flight began to speed at a few hundred kilometers per hour velocity on the run-way. For me sitting inside with the seat belt fastened, I could feel the thrust of the seat on my back very similar to the way one would feel when a roller coaster ride begins. As I savoured that speeding experience, in a moment the flight left the ground contact and I began to see things going below my eye level, similar to the experience when I travelled in a glass walled elevator. Very soon, buildings seem to dwindle to tiny boxes, roads to lines, residential layouts and fields become visible only as tiny patches on a vast canvas. While I made a futile effort to site any known building from such an altitude some white hazy substance blurred the view. I wondered what it was, to only find that the flight is cutting past a cloud. wooow! the very thought that I'm flying amidst clouds thrilled me. The cloud drifted by and once again I had a chance to spot objects on earth surface. But this time objects became even too small to make out anything of them. Cloud after cloud drifted past, as the plane ascended to greater heights. By the time the crew announced that take-off phase is over, I could only view from my window a vast sea of clouds, white milky ones stretched till horizon in all directions. It was a fabulous experience, an experience I would cherish for a long time to come.