Saturday, August 30, 2014

An utter flop for a deserving dud!

On the lookout for some fresh entertainment and in the hope of a possible come back of young tiger, I went with family to watch Rabhasa on the second day of its release. It's playing in Inorbit Cinemax and was a bit surprised to see someone shouting tickets for Rabhasa right at the ticket counter at the box-office. He was prepared to sell tickets at the face value itself, so was not showing any signs of guilt or stealthiness expected in a black tickets seller. His anxiety to sell them off is evident, but as a rightful punishment, barring only a few picks, still several of the show tickets remained unpicked from him (as is visible later after I entered the hall). Glad that some people atleast were saved from kicking themselves for having to bear 3hours of torture that too after buying tickets in black.

The movie clearly is an utterflop I must honestly admit. Like all other Jr. NTR flop movies have been, this could have been avoided if any one sane person reviewed it. Having observed 'Dammu', 'Shakthi' movies I now am beginning to settle for the conclusion that either NTR is too obedient an actor who leaves it to the director everything and only comes to watch the movie after it's released OR he is a super dud who doesn't have the minimum IQ yet after so many years of industry experience to assess when the film is overwhelmed with fights and when the story is rushing to conclude all open threads in just last 5minutes, that too in a crude form.

The director of Kandireega had a chance to make this blockbuster, if only he didn't fuck up his creativity in desperate attempts to suck up to the super human projection of Hero and hero alone. It would only be sad for many, to see NTR rating dip further to levels below or may be closeby to RamCharan sorts mediocrity. But then that's what is going to be reality when the closed doors self-touting blinds once eyes, ears and brains and sacrifices sensibility to script and creativity in return for fake and mad eulogizing of Hero's heroism.

But if this is all a planned attempt by NTR to log some losses for income tax saving purposes, then I'd say well played at the cost of audience affection towards him and his own ranking.