Monday, May 14, 2007

Bangalore experience!

I visited B'lore for my IIM interviews. I was piqued to blog about the city, but hadn't had net access, so I scribbled it on a notepad. The tour ended, and as usual I'm bad in post operative care meaning I forgot to host the post. Now after long, I got reminded of hosting this post. So here it goes...
How much ever prejudiced one may be with Hyderabad, as is the case with me, you can't keep away from appreciating the city that Bangalore is. Keeping aside one aspect TRAFFIC congestion (which I'd not write about here), the city is awesome. Greenary all around... huge trunks abetting almost every road. Having forgotten what it means to feel the shade of a tree, living in Hyderabad, amidst increasing concrete blocks built as if with an intention to take revenge on trees in the city; the unending canopies of Bangalore brought a sense of unexplicable happiness. Almost every road i saw had a pavement, and in every kilometer radius I saw a nice park or two. Parks not in the sense of show case parks of Hyderabad Jubilee Hills, parks that are meant for their true purpose. Starting from less than a year old toddler to octagenarian couples you see all groups of people enjoying the ambience, some making rounds on the walk-way, some playing tennicoit or shuttle, some others helping their kids walk, some more just simply sitting in groups and chatting. I wonder what %ge of parks in Hyderabad ever lived up to such purpose. Also I observed that B'lore is a city for the people, unlike Hyderabad where people are for the city. I observed extensive sign boards, explaining the streets and cross roads all around the city making it possible for a newcomer to come and stop by right at the door step of the destination he is looking for. Here in Hyderabad, I doubt if even a single colony has such route map guidance.