Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vehicle Registration Process under Kondapur RTO region

Of late, despite having free time, I've been away from blogging. What was I really doing in all that free time I had between jobs? Answer is... I adventured to get our car registered myself without paying a penny to any broker (YESSSS I did it!). In the process I gained a lot of IP that I would like to share to help fellow enthusiasts looking for such information.

(Assuming that you bought a new vehicle from an authorized dealer and made all payments to him and are in good terms with him, blah blah blah...)
1. Ask the showroom/dealer to give you a docket of documents that include Road Tax payment receipt, Invoice original, Insurance paid receipt, Form 21, if you got it financed then a couple of documents financer shares with the dealer etc.
2. If you plan to get a special number, then

a. Go to Attapur RTA office (RTO activities are computerized in Hyderabad, and Attapur is the regional hub in this part of the city to make any special entries into the system like blocking a number against an applicant etc) – address is to the left side of road at Pillar number 143 of PV Narasimha Rao Expressway flyover when going towards Shamshabad from Mehdipatnam side
b. Collect the application (costs Re.1) for special number reservation just at the office entrance.
c. Go into the office and spot the charts that are nailed to the pillars which tell what is the price of each special number. If you had a number in mind, see what it’s price is, any unlisted number can be reserved by paying a DD for Rs.5000/- (for car) and 2000/- (for bike) I guess.
d. If you want to chose a number from available numbers. Find out in another notice board where on that particular day what all numbers are available for reserving (it will be a list of 1000 numbers with some of them being already reserved and marked as unavailable). In that list itself the series prefix (viz. AP 28DC or AP 28 DD )that is applicable to those number will be mentioned on the top.
e. Take a DD on the name “Secretary RTA, Rangareddy” for the amount applicable to the number you chose.
f. Fill the application form with the temporary registration and the desired permanent registration (running series number followed by the chosen number), the DD amount and DD particulars.
g. Submit the application before 1p.m at Counter 1
h. Wait until 3p.m if anybody else on that same day requested for the same amount, in which case an auction sorts will happen at 3p.m and if you desperately want the number then you bid more than the other contestant and secure the number.
i. If there is no clash to the number you requested and or you secured the number by bidding more than the others you would be given a letter confirming that the permanent number is reserved on your name.

3. If you have a Form-20 prepared by your dealer annex to it the docket of documents given by dealer (if you don’t have Form-20, collect a new vehicle registration application form and fill it and annex the documents) and submit at the RTO Kondapur office counter, along with Address Proof (telephone bill) and ID proof documents (PAN card/Voter ID card) of the vehicle owner and a self addressed envelope in which you would be receiving your RC card. The clerk will verify and ask for any missing documents. He will ask the vehicle owner to sign on an electronic pad which will appear on RC card.
4. If you have secured your number by reserving it earlier (refer Step 2) attach to the set of documents (as the top most document) the Attapur RTA given order letter.
5. Applications are received at Kondapur RTO office only till 1p.m for new vehicle registrations
6. All the applications received on a particular day are arranged serially in alphabetical order and given registration numbers as per the rolling series. In case you’ve reserved the number (refer Step 2) that number is allotted to you.
7. Your RC card is prepared and couriered to you using the self addressed envelope you annexed along with the application documents
8. Show the RC and get two number plates (one for vehicle front and one rear) from “Veerigaadu & Co. Art Works and signboards” and put them on your vehicle and ... dummu repuko po!